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There is a legend in Italy that the cheese with a blue mould was created by a shepherd in love. He forgot about his duties and ran off on a date with his sweetheart. The next day he mixed unmatured cheese mass with fresh milk. After a few weeks, the cheese developed streaks of mold, which not only gave the cheese a peculiar taste but also an elegant appearance. Now it is considered to be a recognized delicacy added to salads, soups, and pastries.

‘Winter is coming’ which means that our body will be more vulnerable, and our immune system may suffer if we don’t maintain with adequate nutrition.
We all know that in order to sustain good health our body needs plenty of vitamins and minerals, but… do we get them with food?
Quite often the answer is no, as most people just underestimate the importance of fruits in their diet, or simply can’t ‘squeeze them’ in their ‘dietary slot’ or busy lifestyle.

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Everybody needs the chance to enjoy desserts, and our cakes can be enjoyed whether you are a diabetic, a coeliac or you just count calories. It’s about inclusivity in everyday life for everybody to enjoy!

Have you heard about the big mystery of the number 137- a very important number in our lives? In physics 137 is related to electrons and the probability with which an electron can absorb one photon. In the Kabbalah it is associated with the Vessel and the Light. The number 137 is also known as the fine-structure constant. Guilt-Free Patisserie also possesses the magic of 137. This is the number of calories per 100 g of a Wild Berry Cake.

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Did you know that, cherry is the berry of eternal youth. It's high content of antioxidants protects against many diseases associated with ageing. What are the main benefits of cherries? They do all of this - Improve the health of heart and nervous system, they are necessary for healthy eyesight, they can reduce the amount of uric acid in your joints, improve digestion and lower your cholesterol. It also has a special ingredient inside - Jerusalem artichoke syrup, which gives this chocolate cherry sponge a rich caramel flavour.



Punchy pistachio biscuit with a fresh raspberry layer covered in sugar-free white chocolate will definitely make your mouth water.



Oat milk, chocolate and cherry create my delicious vegan chocolate gluten and sugar-free cake. This is a pure proof that vegan cakes can look fabulous and taste delicious.


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Healthy, gluten and sugar-free.
The only downside, if you can call it that, is you will definitely want a second slice!

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